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With Zazanaire software, user can open jssor slider template and then make his/her own javascript/html slider on the fly.
User can make image slider, content slider. Any photo, text and html code are all eligible to add to each slide.
Also, it's very easy to enable caption animation, slideshow and other features.

Note that Zazanaire runs on windows system with .NET 2.0 framework installed.
Quick Start
  1. Open any jssor slider template with Zazanaire.
  2. Config 'Configuration\SlidesHtml'
Click to get the slider control selected, in the right pane, expand 'Configuration' property, find and set value of 'SlidesHtml'.
Reference: Define Slides Html Code
  3. Export Jssor Slider html code and javascript code
Right click on the slider control and then click 'Copy Html Code (Single Control)' in the context menu, now you can paste code into any text editor.
Demo - Sliders
Demo - Slideshow Effects
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